Andreas Marc Riedl

Andreas Marc Riedl

„Panta rhei = Everything is in a state of flux“

Heracleitus of Ephesos,
Griechenland, 550-480 v. Chr

Heraclitus of Ephesus dealt with the natural process of constant growth and change for part of his life. In later times this change was reduced to the popular short formula “Panta rhei = Everything is in a state of flux”.

The advancing digitization makes the 2000 year old Greek quote appear more topical than ever. It is important to analyze the possibilities of networking, to recognize risks and to take advantage of opportunities.

The way the law firm works is characterized by the use of the most modern software. Structured, effective, transparent and economical – this is how we process over one hundred thousand processes every year.

The law firm stands for competent advice in the following areas of law:

  • Commercial and Trade Law
  • Transport and Forwarding Law
  • Marine Law
  • Insurance Law
debt collection & claim management
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