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„Panta rhei = Everything is in a state of flux“ ( Heracleitus of Ephesos, Griechenland, 550-480 v. Chr )

A recurring theme of the philosopher Heracleitus was “Everything is in a state of flux” otherwise known as Panta rhei.

Rapidly increasing global trade and transportation of goods shows that the old Greek saying is as appropriate today as it was over 2000 years ago. The opening-up of international markets has resulted in opportunities for commerce, transport, forwarding and insurance businesses. However with these opportunities comes increased risk. Risk assessment and analysis is essential. Only those aware of the risks can take the appropriate safeguards. This office provides expert advice on the following areas of the Law:

  • Commercial and Trade Law
  • Transport and Forwarding Law
  • Marine Law
  • Insurance Law




Andreas Marc Riedl
Maritime Lawyer

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